E11: 🍄'Shroom Fever, Peachy Seasonal Beers

Plus: Style your bed, RTD cocktails, the 'new bagel cut'

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Good morning!

Let’s get to today’s dose of healthy, snackable news: as always, The Skinny provides valuable (and entertaining) need-to-know items to improve your mood/mind/mojo. What we’re covering today:

  • Mushroom mania: the grooviest, and tastiest, disease-fighter

  • Sleep news, and how to style your bedroom like a hotel

  • Are you for or against this “new bagel cut”?

  • Easy-click, last-minute Father’s Day gifts

  • Beverage report: Snoop Dogg’s new RTD, pickled Dr. Pepper, all the season’s peach beers, and what to know about PFAs

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Fearless fungi

’Shroom fever isn’t capping off anytime soon

Spotted in our local BK farmer’s market

The Skinny: Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Mushrooms! From their fairy tale vibe to their umami flavor and increasing number of health benefits, we can’t get enough. They’re sprouting up everywhere, from snacks like Popadelics mushroom chips to  functional beverages—such as this Rockstar Energy launch, which features lion’s mane, to Lean Joe Bean’s Superfood Coffee with six kinds of mushrooms.

Perhaps most exciting was news of a study last week that revealed “higher mushroom consumption is associated with a lower risk of cancer.” So let’s put those mushrooms in everything! Bonus: according to this article outlining additional benefits, mushrooms maintain the same nutritional value whether raw or cooked. We’ll leave you with some quick mushroom links…

Sleep tight

Sleep news, how-tos & the latest bedroom trends

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

The Skinny: Getting enough sleep, and proper sleep, is key for optimal mental and physical health, so why not make it (and the whole room) feel like a 5-star or chic boutique hotel? It’s a fantasy of ours yet to be realized, but here are all the tips and tricks , from the sheets and pillows to the lighting and curated nightstand. And for the styling, we love these illustrated tips from Serena and Lilly

Upgrading your bed is always a big deal, and we’ve always seen it as symbolic of “moving up” in the world. Think about it—starting from college, here’s the bed-as-position-in-life hierarchy: Sleeping on the floor > futon mattress on the floor > futon mattress with frame > regular mattress on floor > regular mattress on box spring on floor > mattress on proper bed frame. 

And now, we hear that the [usually uncomfortable] sofa bed is dead. At least, that’s according to Architectural Digest, who says that better design alternatives are “bed drawers,” Murphy beds, and beds-in-a-niche. For more inspo, head to House Beautiful for beautiful photos of the top bedroom trends for 2024…we can dream!

In the news: To sleep well, conventional wisdom in recent years has dictated that you should avoid screens for 30-60 minutes before bed. This seems logical, and our completely unscientifically-proven personal experience is that you get better sleep when the phone is out of sight (or out of the room). But last week, the WSJ reported that screens before bed might not be as detrimental (but like everything else, it depends on a variety of factors). We’d still recommend a book.

Crème de la Skinny  

Introducing…the newest bagel cut

This bagel is not thrice-sliced, but it was our Las Vegas hangover food

If you liked the “Duff Cut” (a groundbreaking new way to cut your sandwich) you’ll love Ina Garten's bagel cut hack. Controversial, perhaps. We also don’t agree with how dry this assemblage comes across. Yet it is intriguing, conceptually, because you can sandwich (and separate) different flavor combos on additional surfaces. Similarly, in a recent edition we talked about cutting your top burger bun in half (saves calories, plus $) and using the thin part for circular toast the next morning. Tested and approved!

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Father knows best

Get clicking for dad if you’re late to the game - gifts for every kind of dad*


This week’s newsfeed

Photo by Luis Gonzalez Sosa for Unsplash

  • The Color of the Year, Peach, is also trending in beer, from craft to mass: Busch Light Peach is out (read an entertaining review in a local MI publication); Leinenkugel’s Juicy Peach is always a hit; and we saw that our friends at Dogfish Head have six-packs of Festina Peche at the pub and brewery in Delaware, if you’re nearby. 

  • Our eye is on sport & social club Ballers, which is opening in Philly and features indoor sports such as golf, padel and pickleball (plus a bar). 

  • Snoop Dogg’s never-ending ability to collab is still lit: This week, in partnership with 19 Crimes, he launched a couple of laid back RTD wine cocktails. And this wine cocktail category, as we heard straight from Jesse Bongiovi of Hampton Water this week, is on the uptick with cocktails such as the the “Rose’rita.”

  • According to [fellow beehiiv newsletter] Arnold’s Pump Club, eating foods high in lycopene could be a game-changer for your oral health.

  • June is Upcycled Food Month, which we’ll be covering next week but…to whet your appetite: this New Yorker story, in which the writer hosts a dinner party using only ingredients sourced via apps that allow you to purchase restaurant leftovers (e.g. food that would go to waste otherwise). 

  • What’s bubbling in the soda and sparkling aisles:

    • The Doctor is in! Dr. Pepper surpasses Pepsi, and steps up as the second most popular soda brand in the U.S. And we’re going to say it’s because of…the Pickle Dr. Pepper phenomenon

    • New research on the effects of diet soda (bad news for you Diet Coke lovers) 

    • Drink this! Not that!The latest need-to-know news about PFAs in sparkling water, and which brands have the most (and least) amounts.

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